Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yesterday, I visited my cousins on their boat. They were passing through on their way back down to Palm Beach. They're such good people. Anyway, that was the first time in forever since I've been on a boat like that... it was very cool. At just under 40 feet, there was plenty of room to move around and relax. Very nice. Maybe someday, that will be my situation, but at 30 gallons an hour, cruising up and down the Intercoastal to Georgia and back won't be happening for me any time soon.


Thursday, October 2, 2008


Below is a video from some dude with a big fat hand. He has a big fat burrito. He is preparing to feed his dog. I think everyone knows what's going to happen.

dog gone burrito gone


Sunday, September 28, 2008


Listening to the Beastie Boys now. Good music. Tired of listening to the radio crap as of late. Paul's Boutique is a great album. Lyrics such as "one man's ceiling is another man's floor" really makes me smile. I'm about to start in on this blog and make more important entries instead of rambling about my existence or music. Later.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

out of gas...

People are dumb.
They don't think too much. In this case, there's a bunch of people in Charlotte, NC are DRIVING around Charlotte to find pumps with gas. Why I say they're dumb is that they don't sit tight somewhere and get online and look to see where gas IS available. There are plenty of websites out there that provide stations' status, prices and such. But alas, most of these people probably don't know about this technology - or the mythical internet.

Here's the article...

The reason for the lack of gas? Capacity. Yeah, what a curious coincidence huh? Right in the time of the worst financial crisis in recent times... and we've got their pipelines running at a diminished capacity. Problem? Yeah, for the customers. Not for the oil companies...


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

remember me...

I always get the messages at the top of every login screen I see that asks if I want to be remembered. My login info anyway. It is kind of aggravating because I never use those features.... this mainly because I'm concerned that someday I'll have my computer stolen and all the passwords and info will be gone with the machine. I'm just weird like that.

But then, I will say that the machine I use now has lasted almost 2 years. This is a very good thing... I can now say that HP makes a good machine. It has lots of cool features and has always served me well... though now I hear a rattle around the hard-drive location. Kind of makes me nervous, which is why I'm going to try to sell it eventually.

That's about it for now... oh, the economy... yeah, things are bad.
That sucks. Listen in to Alex Jones' radio show, he'll tell you what to do when the shit hits the fan.

Friday, September 19, 2008


You know, the more I watch the news and the more I hear about people losing thousands of dollars in the stock market, sometimes daily, the more I think about escaping. We're all going to be in a police state soon... we can see that when the official name of peace officers have become police officers - from phrases like civil servants and patrolmen morphed into terms like the Special Weapons And Tactics units and law ENFORCEMENT agencies.

Ugh. But when the economy goes bust, what do we do?

Watch an escape in progress below.
Doggy Escape Artist

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

not his day...

I was checking in on my myspace page today and found a couple videos that were pretty damn funny. The one's that initially caught my attention involved pranks, and a couple others were 'large inflatable' blunders. This is when you have basically a waterbed mattress, over sized 10 times position in a lake - a person sets on one end - and then someone jumps out of a tree. I swear this one person flew like 35 feet in the air doing about three flips and a couple spins before landing in a belly flop. It looked painful, so I watched it another 3 times.

Then there was this video where some folks were shooting fireworks at each other. A crazy time because one of the guys got one of the roman candle balls in his mouth. Probably burnt his tongue pretty bad, but whatever, it made for good video. Back in my younger days, we used to have bottle rocket wars around the major holidays. It was such a blast. No one ever got their eyes shot out but there were definitely a couple sets of damaged and burnt clothes along the way.

Without further adieu, here's the video...

Hippie vs Fireworks

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Priest Accused Of Selling Coke From Rectory

Priest Accused Of Selling Coke From Rectory
Drugs Found In Priest's Home, Office

POSTED: 2:28 pm EDT September 12, 2008
UPDATED: 3:06 pm EDT September 12, 2008

URBANA, Ill. -- A Catholic priest on the University of Illinois campus has been charged with selling cocaine from his church office and rectory.

The Rev. Christopher Layden pleaded not guilty Thursday to two counts of delivery of less than 1 gram of cocaine within 1,000 feet of a church and one count of possession with intent to deliver 1 to 15 grams of cocaine near a church.

The 33-year-old was arrested Wednesday at St. John's Catholic Newman Center after investigators found 3 grams of cocaine and drug paraphernalia while searching his home and office. His bond was set at $50,000.
Click here to find out more!

The Catholic Diocese of Peoria said it has suspended Layden.

His attorney, Mark D. Lipton, did not immediately respond to an after hours message seeking comment.


Saturday, September 13, 2008


What a gas! Yesterday, we drove back from North Carolina. It was the typical 10+ hour drive. There were a couple stops along the way which could be described as casual. My little Corolla got over 35 miles per gallon on the trip, which made me very happy. The gas prices were 'adjusting' on the way down based on the 'shortages' due to Hurricane Ike striking.

The gas shortage thing is ridiculous. People are just capitalizing on it. One exit we took in South Carolina had gas marked at $4.39, we thought better and headed down to the next exit. Gas there was $4.05, which is where we got gas... and with the money we saved, we got a sandwich to boot. A couple hours after that exit, we stopped at the GOasis near Darien, Ga where gas was $3.65 per gallon.

Down the road the gas prices on the same exit as the GOasis exit was $4.40 per gallon. So, our experience at the Goasis was good because we didn't need gas, just some coffee and relaxation. The gas I bought in South Carolina got us home to Florida. People complain about gas prices but they don't think to change out their vehicle like I did. Sure, the Corolla isn't a 4runner, but hey the 4runner got under half the gas mileage!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Blogging is work. I mean, if you do it right, the process takes a lot of research and typing time. But fortunately, I've become used to the process. My blogging is kind of a knee-jerk reaction to relaxing. Its what I do instead of writing in a journal. This is similar to, but not equal to, drawing in my sketchbook. That time is special and I truly phase out when drawing.

Anyway, there's a lot going on in the Massive Ink world. I've been very busy selling political tshirts. Its not something that satisfies my creative needs but its good on the wallet... or at least sort of. After all's said and done, I think I spend more time working on building my 'massive' empire than I would be working for someone... but that's the beauty, its all mine.

That's about it from here. I'll leave you with a sketch I drew a week or so back. Lots of work to do tonight... always really. Work never stops when you work for yourself.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


There are many people out there that adamantly believe that their party - either Democrat or Republican - is the only way. These people think that their platform is the only hope and the only direction our country should be directed towards. The problem for all is the fact that people usually vote 'their pocketbooks' or whichever party is better for their finances.

As you may sit back and consider which side you are on... think about what Noam Chomsky says, this is an excellent short video that summarizes our national electoral and political party system. I have seen Noam speak, but all that he says is definitely not with my thinking... this video however, is a great explanation of what's happening now.

Hope this made some sense. And I think that 'we the people' can actually make a change... but, as it always is said, the change must happen at the base, locally, by you and me...

Friday, August 29, 2008

yes... yes....

Ladies and gents, this will be our next vice-president. And no, I'm not a Republican - or Democrat. I figure oil runs the country and women run the world (men think they do). This wise choice for VP fits both criteria, plus she's damn good looking and is from ALASKA, our biggest oil producing state. So, there you go Barack - a little competition for ya now.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This will be our next president. Like it or not... and all the rhetoric about OBAMA's "Change" and whatnot will someday be a grand tale of "if he had become President, the United States would be a much better place". The record books will show this someday and talk of how McCain - or McCANE as I like to call him - will become an extension of the current idiocracy.

Politics is strange. A very bad business to be in though quite lucrative. I'm anticipating some fireworks soon. I don't know what those fireworks will be but it will be interesting at any rate. The talk goes from impeachment, nuclear war, some crazy domestic terrorism or nasty dirt on one of the current political candidates. I'd say the last of those will happen, but you can imagine if McCain is getting away with being a philanderer and war-monger in league with the secret societies, Obama's closet has to have some crazy skeletons hanging around.

Oh, and the reason I mention my 'McCain will win' statement is that there's been talk by representatives from Big Oil that McCain is their man. That statement was closely followed by Russia will be the next world power as their oil fields will be open for business soon. Pretty interesting revelations that are unfolding as we speak. They also mentioned that the Arab states would return to the Bedouin life, once again riding camels - whatever that meant.

The future will be interesting.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Here's some interesting findings from a fellow blogger, coming to you on this - the opening night of the Obama festival known as the Democratic National Convention. Here's the link...

I'm tired of politics already.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The big Animation...

So, I decided to create the gif animation above based on a news article today that proudly displayed the folks for all to see...

Well, the 'before' picture was one I created from the '2005' pic... I just made the duo thinner in Photoshop. That's a big fish - but THOSE ARE BIG PEOPLE! Do we as a society not see anything wrong with that? I'm not trying to single out overweight people here but there's definitely a difference between people with a thyroid problem and just plain ole' people who just eat and eat. That and they eat the wrong things.

I'm not innocent here. I am about 15 pounds overweight and need to lose that weight... but no one would look at me and say - "ewww" or "do you think they know they're that big?". I think I got that last one from an old Louie Anderson (rest his soul) comedy routine. But anyway, weight in our society is a serious issue and it speaks volumes about our society.

Friday, August 22, 2008


So, this is my design to combine one of my favorite movies with one of the most gregarious ad hooks of all time. You can check out my website for more about my screen prints and art.

Not much news to report today. Its very wet down here. The town south of me had almost 30 inches of rain in the last couple days from Tropical Storm Fay. Sucks to be down there... actually, there were reports of alligators roaming the streets and catfish in people's yards. Weird... but not for land that was a swamp only 100 years ago.

Humans aren't very smart to build on such land.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sparing the rod...

Hey Parents, great job on raising your spoiled kid!
When I read the story below, I couldn't believe it. If there was a Matrix, lots of video game nuts would love to be plugged in... I found the below story after reading a similar story where players of the new World of Warcraft game complained of getting sick and physically ill from long bouts of playing the game - sometimes up to 18 hours. Insane! ... and yes, idiotic. But this, in my opinion, is where our society is headed. The longer we watch tv and play video games, the sooner we'll all become slaves.

16-year-old quits school to play video game
Mother "couldn't take the complaining anymore"
By Mike Smith

It's both a teenager's dream and a parent's worst nightmare.

Blake Peebles, a 16-year-old from Raleigh, NC., dropped out of high school last September in order to devote more time to playing Guitar Hero, according to an article in the Raleigh News & Observer. Peebles, who's receiving at-home tuition in lieu of his schooling, puts himself among the top 15 or 20 Guitar Hero players in the country, and has racked up about $1000 in prizes so far. Only a handful are able to make a living from professional gaming, but the number is growing. Peebles, who plays under the alias "Dreminem," hopes to become one of them. Although his parents didn't want him to ditch school, in the words of the article he "bugged them until they let him quit." "We couldn't take the complaining anymore," Peebles' mother Hunter told the News & Observer. "He always told me he thought school was a waste of time." Blake hopes to win a place at the 2008 World Cyber Games Grand Final, which takes place in Germany in November, where -- if successful -- he'd take on gamers from over 70 countries. Would he have better career prospects if he'd dropped out of school to be an actual guitarist? Time will tell.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Vegas is in a dead heat as to who Barack Obama's vice presidential pick will be. Who knows? I don't. But I doubt it will be either one... but then I don't know much. And after the pick is made, I don't think it will make much difference. Anyway, I think its amazing how much energy and effort goes into this process... the politics on television is a tired and dragged out process. Just like everything else the news reports - like Tropical Storm Fay that's supposedly assaulting us here in Florida now.


The eye is about 50 miles from my house here and the only thing different about today than any other day is the wind is blowing and its raining, no different than a normal thunderstorm. Yet, if you listen to the news, the sky is falling... here's where the shelters are... here's what to do to hide from the storm... its just ridiculous. Sickening actually because there's no reason for this.

Blah blah blah.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

breaking the banks...

This would be absolutely amazing... imagine, the federal government being forced to break up the big banks!? Yeah, what a dream right? Well, there's an article out now that's calling for that. An article isn't much but it is covering the mention of such things. Andrew Jackson would come back from the dead to see the big bank die.

Here's the article.

Breaking up big banks questioned as losses mount
Aug 16, 1:11 AM (ET)

NEW YORK (AP) - America's biggest banks have suffered unprecedented losses from the ongoing credit crisis, and that's made some investors question whether the big financial conglomerates should be broken up in order to survive.

Break-up advocates, who for months have been clamoring for Citigroup Inc. (C) to be dismantled, got some validation of their viewpoint this past week. Europe's UBS AG (UBS) - created through the combination of Swiss Bank Corp. and Union Bank of Switzerland in 1997 - on Wednesday laid the groundwork to tear up its business model after another quarter of steep losses.

Though the UBS announcement was expected, it was nonetheless a departure from what executives promised during a wave of big bank deals that began in the late 1990s. The creators of global banks like Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), and HSBC Holdings PLC (HBC) had promised customers and shareholders that a diverse set of businesses would shield them from economic volatility.

But, those models haven't sheltered the banks from the subprime mortgage crisis that turned into a dislocation of the credit markets. Major global banks have taken more than $300 billion in asset write-downs, and organizations like the International Monetary Fund believe that amount could reach $1 trillion.

"The whole idea was, 'let's be so unbelievably diversified that we won't be affected,' but when the credit markets seize up, no matter what kind of financial company you are, everything seizes up," said William Smith, president of New York-based Smith Asset Management. "The UBS statement basically shows the model is a failure."

That's not what former Citigroup Chief Executive Sanford Weill envisioned when the company was created in 1998 by the combination of Citicorp and Travelers Group. He maintained that offering a mix of financial products - such as investment banking at Salomon Brothers, brokerage services through Smith Barney, and Citibank's retail and consumer banking - would protect the company.

Critics like Smith believe that Citigroup is worth more split up. Current CEO Vikram Pandit has rejected the idea, believing the company should come through the credit crisis in one piece.

But, John Reed, who as head of Citicorp forged the deal with Weill's Travelers Group, commented recently that the universal bank model didn't work. That's only been highlighted by Citigroup's stock price, down 71 percent from its 52-week high of $49.

Talk about how Citigroup and others should be structured will only intensify now that UBS appears to have turned its back on its "one bank" strategy. Switzerland's largest bank posted a hefty $5.1 billion write-down for the second quarter, and disclosed plans to separate its ailing investment bank from healthier businesses.

And, concerns about the execution of the business model are spreading, even among those who support the idea of financial conglomerates.

Ladenburg Thalmann's Richard X. Bove, one of the most outspoken banking analysts since the credit crisis began last year, wrote in a note that the "concept behind the creation of JPMorgan Chase has broken down."

Bove said JPMorgan's acquisition of Chicago's Bank One in 2004 was intended to beef up its consumer business, including banking and credit cards. That would help offset problems if the capital markets, like investment banking and related areas, were to falter. The problem is that both markets are currently weak.

He said JPMorgan's exposure was hurt further by the acquisition of crippled Bear Stearns in March. Still, despite all this, Bove feels the model is viable - and that JPMorgan can work through the troubles over a number of years by cutting costs and refining its businesses.

"No steel company can sell steel when auto manufacturers aren't selling cars, and no bank can make big profits when there's a weakness in the housing and credit markets," he said. "They have to ride out the cycle, minimize the losses, and maximize profits when the cycle returns. You can't restructure a company to avoid that cycle."

"In 1985, there were 14,500 banks in the U.S. - and now there's 7,200," he said. "For the past 23 years, six of them went away each week. The big universal banks might get hit, but they stay in business and come out with a bigger share of the market than they had before."


Friday, August 15, 2008

too much...

George Carlin will be sorely missed. Yeah, I'm about a month late, but you can never be too late when it comes to saluting talented recently deceased humans. So, last week I found a couple records at the garage sales. Two from Carlin from back in the 70's... the first was Class Clown and the second was Toledo Window box. If I think about it, I'll grab a couple clips out of one of these albums and post it - if not for any other reason than to compare and contrast the world events which happened in Viet Nam - vs - what's happening now with Iraq. Carlin brought up points from then in the 70's that could perfectly compare to what's happening now.

"History may not repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes" - Mark Twain

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

fountain and youth...

Well, anyway, there's like some dudes out there in - like - the world or something that think they can, uh, make people young by like doing stuff with their cells or something... its pretty bad ass.

Scientists stop the ageing process
ABC Australia / AFP | August 12, 2008

Scientists have stopped the ageing process in an entire organ for the first time, a study released today says.

Published in today’s online edition of Nature Medicine, researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University in New York City also say the older organs function as well as they did when the host animal was younger.

...more here at this link:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Flying piece of art causes museum chaos in Switzerland

You see, this is why I don't really respect artists anymore. It seems like the weirder and more obscure they get, the more respect they get from their respective community. I'm not an art minded guy - I mean I love to draw and make a living doing so - but this is ridiculous. Could you imagine what this guy would say if asked (beyond the title of an artist) what he does for a living. His answer would HAVE TO BE: I make huge, floating turds and make millions doing it.

That's just ridiculous.
Now, read this article...

Flying piece of art causes museum chaos in Switzerland

Aug 11 03:26 PM US/Eastern

A giant inflatable dog turd by American artist Paul McCarthy blew away from an exhibition in the garden of a Swiss museum, bringing down a power line and breaking a greenhouse window before it landed again, the museum said Monday.

The art work, titled "Complex S(expletive..)", is the size of a house. The wind carried it 200 metres (yards) from the Paul Klee Centre in Berne before it fell back to Earth in the grounds of a children's home, said museum director Juri Steiner.

The inflatable turd broke the window at the children's home when it blew away on the night of July 31, Steiner said. The art work has a safety system which normally makes it deflate when there is a storm, but this did not work when it blew away.

Steiner said McCarthy had not yet been contacted and the museum was not sure if the piece would be put back on display.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

SWAT Team vs the Mayor

Guess who won?
Nothing more to say.
Just watch the video...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Older than dirt...

So, this is a tshirt design I'm mulling over. I'm still not quite sure it screams "HEY, THIS DUDE IS OLDER THAN DIRT AND WILL BE SENILE BEFORE THE ELECTION!". If you see this image and have any suggestions, comment away.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Instant president...

I'm probably going to make a tshirt concerning Paris' run for the presidency. I figure, what the hell... this would punctuate the ridiculousness surrounding the fixed election. From what I've understood, there's so much dirt on Obama that McCain is a shoe-in. Obama has lied about lots of things that happened in his past, such as his Muslim schooling. That doesn't matter to me, but it sure will to older voters. America has no choice - just as its been since JFK.

Here's the Paris video. Enjoy...

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hot Spot

There's a hot spot in California. No, its not Britney Spears house... or some other movie star that the paparazzi is enamoured with, but a literal hot spot in the ground that is over 800 degrees F and just simply smoking and smoldering. Its weird. Geologists are calling it an anomaly. Weird huh? But then, that's California for ya.

Anyway, there's a lot of weird stuff in the news today. I'm trying to decipher it all. I did hear some good stuff the other day on the reason for prohibition back at the beginning of the 20th century. It all involved a classic battle for control (as usual), amongst some of the giants of the day.

This rival was actually between Rockefeller and Henry Ford. Apparently, the first Ford's were run on alcohol and gas, either way. This was because gas was hard to get out in the country, and if anyone ran out of fuel way out yonder, they could use alcohol - something everyone made - to get home on. Rockefeller owned Standard Oil since the mid 1800's and wanted to have gas be the standard for the automobile.

So, Rockefeller did what any industrial tycoon would do, he supported a lobby by a women's movement for the prohibition of alcohol... afterall, drunk husbands = mad wives... or something like that. with the 4 million dollars he put up, Rockefeller got alcohol, Henry Ford's fuel, thrown out and outlawed, paving the way for oil... and many unhappy and sober husbands.

It should be noted though that alcohol can be used as a fuel still... and we can make our own fuel if we sign the right petition with the government which basically says that we are making alcohol for fuel purposes ONLY. Add a gallon of gas to 100 gallons of white lightnin' and you've got a legal fuel... and a cheap fuel that burns better and will clean the sludge out of your engine (after changing your filters a half dozen times!).

Alcohol is a sun friendly and very renewable resource. Its a shame we can't get on the band wagon to make this happen. I have plans for my family's farm... I might be making my own alcohol for fuel use someday. I'll be a sugar beet grower, or something like that. And the best part is that all cars can run on a half gas, half alcohol mix with no problems. That means half the price of fuel...

Screwing the oil companies out of their monopoly can be fun!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Israeli parents forget daughter at airport

In the interesting article below, it seems parents left one of the brood behind at the airport in their pending vacation excitement. I can't really say that this is a reflection of our society today as this was an obvious mistake, but it does bring into question why people insist on having more than 2 kids. In the rural farming days of our grandparents, having over 4 children per couple was necessary to carry out the tasks on the farm, but now... this just isn't needed. I mean, most people go to McDonald's to eat now.

*this picture has nothing to do with the article below*

Israeli parents forget daughter at airport
Mon Aug 4, 4:38 AM ET

JERUSALEM - Israeli airport police say a couple going on a European vacation remembered to bring their duty-free shopping and their 18 suitcases, but forgot their 3-year-old daughter at the airport.

The couple and their five children were late for a flight to Paris Sunday and made a mad dash to the gate. In the confusion, their daughter got lost. A policeman found her wandering around the terminal, crying for her mother.

Israeli media report Monday that the ultra-Orthodox Jewish parents, whose names were not released, didn't notice the child was missing until they were told, in the air, that she had been found at Ben-Gurion airport.

The child, accompanied by an airline staffer, took the next flight to Paris where she was safely reunited with her parents.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nukes no problem...

Nuclear weapon accidents seem to be no problem for people in North Dakota. They have a pretty healthy logic concerning these 'weapons of mass destruction'. This is a story that I found online today... check it out!

ND towns unfazed by ICBM rocket booster in ditch

By JAMES MacPHERSON, Associated Press WriterSat Aug 2, 3:23 PM ET

There's plenty to talk about at the weekly women's coffee klatch in the small town of Parshall, and no one bothered to mention the unarmed booster rocket for an intercontinental ballistic missile lying in a ditch where an Air Force truck overturned.

"We talked about the oil boom, weddings — everything under the sun," Arlene Zacher said Saturday. "But nobody ever mentioned that missile. I guess that shows that people aren't worried about it — I'm certainly not."

The Air Force said a truck carrying the booster for a Minuteman III overturned Thursday a few miles east of Parshall in northwest North Dakota, but there was no danger to the public.

The truck and booster rocket, which is 66 feet long and weighs 75,000 pounds, were still sitting along the road Saturday, under armed guard.

"The scene is still in the assessment phase," said Maj. Laurie A. Arellano, an Air Force spokeswoman. "It's still on its side in the ditch."

Arellano said the wreck would stay there for a least a few more days.

"It has to be 100 percent stable for movement. It's not a quick process — we have to make sure everything is stable first," Arellano said.

The truck was traveling from Minot Air Force Base to a launch facility in northwestern North Dakota when it crashed on the gravel road Thursday morning between Parshall and Makoti, about 70 miles from the air base. Two airmen in the vehicle were not seriously injured, the Air Force said.

Zacher said residents of Parshall, a town of about 1,000 people, are used to missiles being transported in the area, and they trust the Air Force.

"If there is a problem, they will take care of it," she said. "They do a very good job."

In Makoti, a farming community of about 145 people, Darwin Quandt said he wasn't worried.

"They're moving them things around all the time, so we're used to it," Quandt said.

"As long as it ain't going off, we're OK," he said. "And if it did, it wouldn't matter anyway."

This is an interesting story. I'm also now listening to a radio show who's got a guest on who's talking about the Rand Corporation. It is an interesting show. Lots of great info.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Obama the liberal oil driller...

I love Barack's promise of change but somehow I don't believe it - or - should I say, its sounds too good to be true. Apparently, there's a bunch of people who look to this man as the savior. Who will keep us all safe.

Anyway, this is an article today that mentions casually that as part of a compromise, Barack is going to allow drilling for oil here in the US. There's no real reason for this however, because most people don't know that it takes over 10 years from the point of drilling to the point of refining. Therefore, the price of gas won't go down at all for some time - if it ever would.

Blah blah. Obama do this. McCain do that. Neither will do anything but give money and favors for the powerful.

Friday, August 1, 2008

the Rat People...

The Rat People of Pakistan
There are rat people in Pakistan. Apparently, they are called microcephalics... unfortunates of a genetic mutation, the people are revered by those who visit local shrines praying to be fertile.

Weird? Yes.

Another country though. Another subject viewed weird to us in the first world, another judging by us of others who are unfortunate. Here's the link for the article:

But America has its own 'rat people', namely those in power currently who have conspired against our country to create false flag terror events over seas to instigate war. This falls in line with the Gulf of Tonkin incident and could even to have been committed at Pearl Harbor.

Anyway, our leaders are like cornered rats now. Dennis Kucinich is out there appealing to the House of Representative to impeach our clueless leader. A lawyer, Vincent Bugliosi (who prosecuted Charles Manson) is throwing his weight against the impeachment process as well. Read about it if you can, search for him on Google. He's a smart guy, and is bringing our leader to blame in court.

We shall see. This is all very good. We need to keep the rats cornered and stay atop the ever growing information war...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sprint sucks...

Well, I've given Sprint over 6 thousand of my dollars over the past 5 or so years. It seems that now, escaping the snare of the big corporate cell contracts may be a bit easier. A California judge today ruled that contracts are illegal and cannot bind customers to their respective carriers. This is definitely good news.

So, this is very good news. I'm about to get out of my contract with Sprint - its been a long two years. My girlfriend just recently signed up again with AT&T, which by the way is a much better company. I'm going to be added to her plan... on an extra phone she has. I don't even use my cell that much anymore. They cause cancer like everything else. Anyway, that's it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Because OBAMA is here!
Yeah. I like that. If only I knew Obama weren't slighted to one side or another because he's politically compromised. We've heard good and bad about all the political candidates but I just think that the corporate, rich, and white leaders will not allow for Obama to be president - even if he is only half black. Some of the reason is because of the old-school thought on race, the other is because I think the 'left' tide that would be against war would completely illuminate the puppet master behind the scenes. The world powers still need a boogey-man like Bush. Who better to shake a fist at than 'old whitey' in the WHITE HOUSE?

Here's Ludacris' new song/video.
Listen to the lyrics.

After listening to a convincing radio show yesterday, I'd have to say now that Mc'Pain' is going to be our next president. Chosen by the barons of Big Oil themselves.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Russia, oil and simplicity..

No pictures today. Mark this, my words as repeated concerning a radio show I heard today, the twenty ninth day of July, 2008. The guest, a man who worked in the oil fields in Alaska up to the position of director, mentioned today that he has been warned about what he can and can't say - or else.

Apparently the world oil barons let info come in and out, ebb and flow, but there are other times when they put their foot down on some of their old friends and loyal employees. Today's discussion was interesting because the gentleman claimed that there would be a sharp drop in price in oil over the next couple months. The reason would be because the oil fields in Russia and Indonesia are going to be open for business at that time.

No more Arab stranglehold on oil. This will be a move by Big Oil to take down the Arab nations and turn that power over to Russia and other countries who are currently coming into second with the US. And currently, the world's reserve currency is the dollar - if this oil production move happens, that will change and the US dollar will be worth much less than it is now - which currently is trading $1.57 to the euro.

Who knows what will happen, but I'm betting that this price drop and flood of oil to the market is coming. It makes sense... and the ongoing attack of the world corporate order will continue until the US is a second or third world country. Its coming... we can see it, America is being sold off piece by piece. Its sad but its something that's been happening for a long time now.

This process is kind of like using credit cards... for a while, everything's fine but after time, as the balance reaches the limit, things get sketchy. That's what's happening to America now. No one wants to work. Everyone wants to be an instant millionaire. That's not going to happen, and those who depend on corporations will soon be sadly disappointed.

Back to the old way of life. Horse and plow, growing our own food, appreciating the sunrise and sunset. Back to the basics. Simplicity is amazing... and very satisfying - to me anyway.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


There was a time, long ago, when I was just a lad watching this vixen stalk the stage in lingerie... simultaneously, she sang about being 'like a virgin'. Well, not anymore folks. Not anymore.

We all have our good and bad moments but this is just getting gross. Like Michael Jackson, Madonna seems to be shriveling up and bulking up, is she trying to be like the opposite sex? There's nothing really left that's feminine about her. But this isn't really important.

There's tons of news coming out. Tomorrow will be a good news day.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Barack Obama’s brother pushes Chinese imports on US

Barack Obama’s brother pushes Chinese imports on US
So this is a weird news story... and an interesting one at that. My studies have had my interest drift among our current leaders family history and understood that there are some very strangely timed positions held by his siblings. There's also the Chinese connection of our current - and I should say fearless leader - and his brother Neil, who has been paid to be a 'consultant' with a Chinese company... and this was years ago.

I suppose though that if I were running for office or if I were already in office, I'd have jobs lined up for my family and friends. Whether or not these family and friends took positions in 'enemy' territory would be in question. I don't think its in good taste for our politicians to have family that is employed as either consultants or salespeople from other countries. We are in desperate need here in the United States of having products made, bought and sold here.

True, we need imports and exports, but not for most items. We COULD make most products here in this country. There's a reason there are environmental laws, which are mostly why prices are so low at Wal-Mart... because most of the products sold there are made in China. Ask anyone, they'll tell you about the proliferation and takeover of China-made goods. All that 'cheap' stuff has been produced in a country that has few environmental laws. This is why we'll no doubt see a haze over many of the locations at the Olympic Games this year (2008).

America, Made in China.
That's all I can say.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Go straight to voicemail with Slydial

Go straight to voicemail with Slydial

This service is very cool. It costs like $0.15 per call - after a long advertisement - to use SlyDial to get around talking to whoever it is you're calling. This can be helpful when you want to leave a message for a friend but don't have time to talk. Cool idea.

Here's the number.
267 - Slydial

Congressman Dennis Kucinich is my hero, even though I'm not a democrat. Along with Ron Paul, Dennis is the only guy out there going against the rest of Congress who has given into the current political powers. Kucinich is pushing forward with 35 articles of impeachment today in the House of Representatives. Well done Mr. Kucinich... well done.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Playstation 2 component incites African war

Playstation 2 component incites African war

Console war reaches past the couch and into the Congo, claims report.
Here's the article link...

So, I guess all those new video games that have people babbling about and hanging out in their houses way too long have all be made possible by poor kids in Africa. I always think about stuff like this, the 'what about' this or that. Wondering where and how my cell phone was made. I mean, that's just something that I'm guilty of having... In fact the ole' cell phone is getting the boot pretty soon. Fuck Sprint and their $100 a month fees.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

4 president...

Willie Nelson for president!
Just wanted to say that.

But then there's this guy. I wonder what he's thinking?

And then there's this guy, Robert Novak - that was the dude who illegally released the name of Valerie Plame - the cia operative. All that went down I think about 3 years ago. Anyway, that guy, Novak, just hit someone with his black corvettte in Washington DC. Ok... he hit someone, but the bastard drove away! And the dude he hit rolled up onto his windshield... yes still, Novak drove away and was stopped by a bike rider who witnessed the accident.
Here's a link to the story...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ink ink...

Sketched a couple new pieces between yesterday and today. The day moves on slow here. From all the reports I've been listening to, the United States will be in a full-blown depression within 2 years. Prepare yourselves!

Here's a bunch of folks who won't be affected by the depression, check out this link to the dudes who dress up as chicks and set policy for the world. These are people we all see on tv everyday. They love their all-man camping trip that they take to the Redwoods north of San Fran every year.

Here's the article:

Monday, July 21, 2008

Can I have a taco?

One of my friends from Gainesville had this fun video linked to his myspace page. This is about a fun place where there's a big university and a lot of rock and roll...

That's about it for this afternoon.

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