Friday, August 1, 2008

the Rat People...

The Rat People of Pakistan
There are rat people in Pakistan. Apparently, they are called microcephalics... unfortunates of a genetic mutation, the people are revered by those who visit local shrines praying to be fertile.

Weird? Yes.

Another country though. Another subject viewed weird to us in the first world, another judging by us of others who are unfortunate. Here's the link for the article:

But America has its own 'rat people', namely those in power currently who have conspired against our country to create false flag terror events over seas to instigate war. This falls in line with the Gulf of Tonkin incident and could even to have been committed at Pearl Harbor.

Anyway, our leaders are like cornered rats now. Dennis Kucinich is out there appealing to the House of Representative to impeach our clueless leader. A lawyer, Vincent Bugliosi (who prosecuted Charles Manson) is throwing his weight against the impeachment process as well. Read about it if you can, search for him on Google. He's a smart guy, and is bringing our leader to blame in court.

We shall see. This is all very good. We need to keep the rats cornered and stay atop the ever growing information war...

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