Saturday, September 13, 2008


What a gas! Yesterday, we drove back from North Carolina. It was the typical 10+ hour drive. There were a couple stops along the way which could be described as casual. My little Corolla got over 35 miles per gallon on the trip, which made me very happy. The gas prices were 'adjusting' on the way down based on the 'shortages' due to Hurricane Ike striking.

The gas shortage thing is ridiculous. People are just capitalizing on it. One exit we took in South Carolina had gas marked at $4.39, we thought better and headed down to the next exit. Gas there was $4.05, which is where we got gas... and with the money we saved, we got a sandwich to boot. A couple hours after that exit, we stopped at the GOasis near Darien, Ga where gas was $3.65 per gallon.

Down the road the gas prices on the same exit as the GOasis exit was $4.40 per gallon. So, our experience at the Goasis was good because we didn't need gas, just some coffee and relaxation. The gas I bought in South Carolina got us home to Florida. People complain about gas prices but they don't think to change out their vehicle like I did. Sure, the Corolla isn't a 4runner, but hey the 4runner got under half the gas mileage!