Friday, January 14, 2011

Surfing 5 Miles...

Surfing in Alaska is cold. It wouldn't be quite as cold if one could ride a stand up paddle board like the guys in this article... Looks amazing. I'd love to do this at some point in the future - maybe in a warmer climate though. However, if it had to be in Alaska, I'd do it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Can Be Better

There was a speech last night apparently. Our leader told us all we need to play it cool, to chill out and 'be better'. We can be better, but only if we have jobs and ways to manufacture things, etc... its tough for some Americans right now. There's talk on the radio about a depression in the housing market. Uh, yeah, that's been going on for a while now. If you're in Florida, you'd have guessed the real estate market has been in the crapper for about 2 years now. But 'they' also say we're "coming out of it". Sure.

Anyway, here's a link to the speech from last night. I don't really put myself on either side of the political fence... I like to sit in the middle and watch the people argue back and forth.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chris Matthews doesn't like Mark Levin or Michael Savage

Apparently, Chris Matthews doesn't like Mark Levin or Michael Savage. I think its because those guys are getting more traction out of their aggravated antics than the wee-man Matthews. Either way, they're all out using the latest tragedy to spew their own brand of hate which of course is focused solely to get ratings. Ridiculous.

And after all that's said, there's another report now that sales of handguns have gone through the roof in AZ. Here's the article:

Independent? Who cares???

Who cares if this guy's a democrat, republican or independent? Of course he's independent, he's NUTS! Why is there such a big media storm about this guy. The coverage should all be focused on the people who this guy's misdeeds are affecting and how to help the families along, not whether this guy was an independent, a satanist or abortionist. Who cares?

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Time-Lapse Drawing Video...

Here's a quick video of a time lapse version video I taped while drawing one day. Back in the day, I used to have a tv show and would do all sorts of cool time-lapse type video work. It was a lot of fun. Figured that this would be a fun project to get my video skills back in gear.

Tom DeLay will serve 3 years - IN JAIL

Interesting story...
Tom DeLay, once mighty congressman from Texas, will now be spending time in prison because of some sort of money laundering issue. So, yeah, another politician bites the dust.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

AMAZING giant cave in VietNam / National Geo!

This is truly amazing.
Check out these massive caves in VietNam! They're so huge that apparently a 40 story building could fit in some, others have actual jungles growing inside. A river that has carved one entrance is often nearly dry but during the wet season the water level can reach 300 feet!

This all has been documented by National Geographic.
Here's the link!

Jared Loughner - Arizona shooter...

Idiot. Weirdo. Nut-job.
Who knows... but this guy has definitely made the top of the news and for his efforts we'll give him three meals a day and a place to sleep for the rest of his life... and medical care and other things. Problem is, all the talking heads out there are using this idiot's actions as a political football. Even though the article says this guy is an atheist, a communist and pro-abortion advocate. The pundits are still trying to picture this nut as a constitutionalist - or conservative. Weird.

Also, isn't it interesting how the news media is giving this guy 3 names, including his middle name - not just his first and last? This whole thing stinks of conspiracy... but we dare not mention it.

Oh well... here's the link to the Washington Post's article:

Internet ID

Ready for your new internet ID?
This is it, the proposal from the president it appears will create an identifiable eco-system on the internet. Ahhh yes, I can remember a time when the internet was like the wild west. Now we're headed the way of cattle I'm afraid... no more free range to roam. We'll be kept in an 'eco-system' now. It had to happen at some point.

here's the article:


Well, its Sunday a.k.a. the sabbath. One of my friends on Facebook linked to this awesome video from 1970 from Black Sabbath. Great band, the first to give us an early glimpse into heavy metal. Here's a video from them on YouTube, check it out.