Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak IS the Sphinx!

I have evidence that Mubarak actually IS the sphinx...

Well, that's my evidence - manufactured of course. I'm still kind of aggravated that he hasn't stepped down as president which makes him seem more like a dictator than a 'president'. Semantics.

But then, this guy is 84. He also has billions of dollars, that he apparently made while 'being president'. Sounds shady to me. But the fact that the guy is 84 and still dies his hair black says a lot about him. Egotism? DEFINITELY YES. I guess that's a pre-requisite for being president though.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Congressman's Trouble on Craigslist

Why do these people do it? I swear its got to be the dumbest thing on Earth - to post your picture on the internet of yourself in a compromising situation. The compromising situation in this case is a MARRIED congressman (Rep. Christopher Lee is a married Republican congressman serving the 26th District of New York) who's trying to pick up some woman on Craigslist. Its just tragically funny. Now this guy's got a huge pile of trouble on his hands.

Here's the link:

I had to make a jump link on my site because Facebook wouldn't go straight through to Gawker. Its obvious that the link is being blocked, but whatever, if one knows even a nickel about html - they can make a load linked page... so that's what I did. The story is rather amusing. The reason I care is that this guy obviously doesn't have integrity. If he does this to his wife, what is he doing to our country.

There. Posted.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Cell Phones While Driving in North Carolina

I just heard via the radio, that drivers in North Carolina may not be able to talk on the cell phone while driving any longer. The NC house has just drafted the bill and its on its way to be passed and will go into effect in December if all goes 'well'. Having lived in North Carolina, I can't help but say that this may not be a bad thing due to the extremely fast driving I've seen there.

Then again, I don't like the over-reach on the half of the gov. Its just one of those things that will pile up over time. Can you imagine what people are going to be 'allowed' to do 20 years from now? Other than walk on a sidewalk, I don't know if anything else will be legal. On a good note though, the US House of Representatives voted against an extension of the 'Patriot Act' in a recent session. No reports yet on how that's going to hold up.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flaming Youth

I was laughing at a pic of Phil Collins that one of my friends posted on Facebook today. The photo shows Phil here with an awesome mullet on one side and some British actor from a new movie "The King's Speech". Whatever. Don't really care about it... but the picture of Phil in the photo is one of the classic one's of him from the early 1980's - back when I'm guessing he guest starred as a drug dealer in Miami Vice.

Phil started in a band in the late 1960's called Flaming Youth... the album I came across last year in a thrift store (yeah, vinyl!) was called Ark2. Classic psych album actually... lots of great grooves, harmonizing and such. I had no idea Phil was in this band actually until I heard a song that had the classic Phil voice carrying through. I flipped the cover over and there he was!