Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kardashians Can't Help Piers Morgan

As I was reading through news blogs and such this morning, I come across this article talking about how Piers Morgan's new talk show is circling the drain. Who knows how much the network is paying that guy. A sign that a show is hurting though is when you bring in a couple scantily clad Kardashians to resurrect your ratings. Especially when the sisters are talking about their sex tapes.

As far as the demographics go, I can't really see the target group for listening to these bimbos' interview. These are just rich girls who have nothing better to do than have cameras follow them around for no reason... or talk about the way they look... or complain about their problems. Why even look into watching this hard hitting 'interview' for more than a minute? Once you've see them for 10 seconds, you've pretty much seen it all.

Friday, January 28, 2011

1 million bucks for an Indiana superintendent

We're all under the impression that things are bad out there - that the economy is not in a good way. All the while, the government continues to grow larger because taxes are always in good supply. Well, now a school district in Indiana is paying some hog over a million dollars in retirement funds. This is completely ridiculous. I wonder if the state can 'go back' on their deal.

Here's more of the story at this link...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

America : What happens at IHOP, Didn't Stay at IHOP

What's happening to America? Click on the pic to the left to check out the video! I mean, humans act out in a variety of ways typically. We're all animals after all, that goes for EVERY human on this planet. Some humans are more evolved than others. For some reason, I can't help enjoying watching videos like this - which are a huge disappointment actually.

We drive through the Orangeburg, SC area a couple times every year... though I can't say that I've ever seen anything like this happening there, I have seen a couple guys walking around with canes - like the guy in this video who's seen swinging said cane wildly proclaiming he's gonna "beat yo mutha fuckin' ass". If this behavior is the type that sets America apart from all other countries, we'd be at the bottom of the pile. A real bummer if you ask me.

State of the Union Speech

Sounds like the State of the Union speech was the opening horn to start the 2012 US Presidential race. Mentioning things in the speech such as 'America still has the largest economy in the world' and other such comments really make things sound better than they are... and oh well, I guess its good to look at things on the bright side. At least he's being positive for America.

However, bowing to foreign leaders and last week allowing a Chinese pianist to play a patriotic Chinese tune at the White House; these aren't such positive things. In fact, I think the pianist thing is really a bad flub. Either that was an oversight on the part of White House staff or a carefully planned and allowed event.

This is what the LA Times reports:
"The song was composed for the film "Battle on Shangganling Mountain" ((an anti-American, Korean War film)). The lyrics, which weren't sung in the piano rendition at the White House, includes the verse: "When the friends come, fine drink is offered. But if the wolves come, what greets them are the hunting rifles."

Why is a song like 'My Motherland' allowed to play at such events... maybe because the Chinese are now in financial control of the world? Maybe???

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The BODY scan with Jesse Ventura

So, this morning has the report out that Jesse Ventura is now suing the TSA. Good for him. This is just on the heels of another guy who sued the TSA and took his case to court. That case was about the guy in question not giving his name to TSA authorities... his attorney's argument was simple, that the defendant's name was on the boarding pass.

Jesse Ventura is in a different legal battle. He has a titanium hip apparently, no doubt from years of wrestling, not from his stint as governor. But his problem is actually capitalizing on an entire series of intrusive searches on all air travelers. Its been difficult up to this point to present some sort of argument to the invasive searches and protest to walking through body scanners that are so powerful that they can actually see down to the bones in your fingers.

Click on Jesse's image above, I've linked to a news story about the governor hot off the presses this morning. Good stuff.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Steelers vs. Packers...

Should be a good game coming up in a couple weeks. Tried to watch part of the Steelers game last night but didn't get too far along until I felt the need to work more to better myself by building more listings. I'll leave the football to the real football fans. Here's the link capping up the games from yesterday.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ron Paul apparently takes 2nd in New Hampshire's straw poll for the 2012 race. Its gonna be a fun year of campaigning if Paul can make it. I don't know how a guy in his late 70's is able to garner enough energy to keep going like he does. The guy is my hero. Seriously.

Here's a link to the article:

Click the photo to grab your own Ron Paul for President 2012 Tshirt!

Poor Olbermann...

Keith Olbermann is going to be a little less rich in a couple years if he doesn't do some wrangling in the meantime. He's wandered back and forth and then back and forth again with his stances on certain subjects that I pay attention to, so his leaving is inconsequential to me. I see though that his severance package will pay him his salary of $7 million a year to do absolutely nothing... this also happened to Jesse Ventura after he left his governor's position in MN. Now Ventura has his show Conspiracy Theory, will the same happen to Olbermann - only on a liberal level?

Here's the link to an article by TMZ about Olbermann wanting MORE money. I don't understand why some people can't just leave well-enough alone and enjoy their success. Same thing just happened to Regis I think too - the guy was getting paid $18-20 million a year, that too wasn't enough. What's wrong with these people??? If you could weigh their collective egos, I wonder if they'd break a scale?