Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guy Brings Beer To His DWI Hearing...

Great article here about a fella who arrived an hour and a half late to his court hearing for a DWI case. Problem is, he showed up drinking a beer in court. Check out the article, its hilarious - short - and sweet.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libya strike... war no. 3

War Number 3. The US economy must not be doing that good because this is the third war in 10 years... Three different skirmishes for the US (and its coalition) at the same time, that's completely insane. This is all coming from the leader of the 'free' world instituting this wacky plan because of Gadhafi and his evil 'bullying'. What, do they think we're nuts???

So, I'm hoping that we - the people - are going to be able to elect a candidate for president that will actually bring in the HOPE and CHANGE that the current fearless leader promised about 3 years ago. I've seen no changes... and in fact, have only seen the addition of bankers and lobbyists to the cabinet and leading public positions - this all when the leader promised that this would never happened before being elected. Horrible.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Florida DOT, Racial Profiling and Huge Profits...

If anyone has ever had to travel the innards of Florida and drive north, they've probably been on the Florida Turnpike. The northern stretch of the road cuts through a beautiful piece of Florida countryside, full of rolling hills and such... but there is a dark side to the drive. Every 50 miles or so, the ride is broken up by a toll. Yes, a toll to get on the Turnpike, a toll to exit, a toll in the middle of nowhere and so forth.

To get the tolls, there must be toll takers - people who are willing to stand there all day and harass travelers for money. Well, I know I've personally given thousands to these people over the years. Now I feel duped after reading this article. Seems that the FDOT has made a fortune with their relatively new program of 'detaining' people who pay with larger bills. This is all part of the system to bring in a digital currency. This is an interesting story, a good read and news video to check out when one has time.

Story link:

Friday, March 4, 2011

MMA at Wal-Mart

I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked in at PeopleOfWalMart.com and found that someone with an entrepreneurial mind injected MMA training at the US's lowest price leader. Notice the kids in this picture, getting trained to beat the hell out of someone... the future of America is here.

The sound of 'Team America: World Police' is drifting into my ear, loud and clear. Check out the video for the song below - excellent laughs ahead ;)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen and The Devil

I think Charlie Sheen showed a lot of courage to come out and talk about nine one 1 back a couple years ago. It didn't really seem to hurt his reputation because he went on to become the highest paid tv actor. But his recent rounds of debauchery and porn pal gals plus the briefcases of cocaine don't do his already tarnished rep any good.

However, the latest rant that Charlie went on during Alex Jones' radio show last week really spent the actor off in a loop that I can only see as him continuing off into space. Sheen is brilliant, but he's showing his nutty side now. The only thing I see is that Alex and Charlie may have been pulling a Joaquin Phoenix on everyone - I don't KNOW this but it could figure in to make Alex's show more popular with those not familiar to his truth serum.

If you think about it, Alex was at Charlie's house in CA a week before the radio rant and Alex wasn't talking about the trip before hand. Something's afoot here... and I think its pretty cool actually. Anyway, the devil's definitely sitting on Sheen's shoulder, I just hope he doesn't go completely off the deep end.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BANKSY! and Hollywood...

Banksy continues to be my hero. His sarcasm is legend. He's taken it to the next level recently in Hollywood. So, its excellent to see that he's still around doing his thing. Here's the latest story he's involved in. Apparently, there was a scuffle over his billboard that was just pulled down today - and the company who yanked it refused $10,000 for the 'art' that their advertisement had become.

Excellent. Good work, sir!

Jake Shimabukuro Plays Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

Jake Shimabukuro is amazing. First, he's got an almost Dalai Lama-like presence. Second, he can play the hell out of the ukulele! In this video, he's playing at the TED conference. Its amazing to hear what he can do with 4 strings on what looks like a mini-guitar!

The first time I saw him play was on a YouTube clip in Central Park covering