Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen and The Devil

I think Charlie Sheen showed a lot of courage to come out and talk about nine one 1 back a couple years ago. It didn't really seem to hurt his reputation because he went on to become the highest paid tv actor. But his recent rounds of debauchery and porn pal gals plus the briefcases of cocaine don't do his already tarnished rep any good.

However, the latest rant that Charlie went on during Alex Jones' radio show last week really spent the actor off in a loop that I can only see as him continuing off into space. Sheen is brilliant, but he's showing his nutty side now. The only thing I see is that Alex and Charlie may have been pulling a Joaquin Phoenix on everyone - I don't KNOW this but it could figure in to make Alex's show more popular with those not familiar to his truth serum.

If you think about it, Alex was at Charlie's house in CA a week before the radio rant and Alex wasn't talking about the trip before hand. Something's afoot here... and I think its pretty cool actually. Anyway, the devil's definitely sitting on Sheen's shoulder, I just hope he doesn't go completely off the deep end.

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