Friday, January 21, 2011

drumming with Thomas Lang..

This is an amazing clip - albeit a rather blurry one - from YouTube of a drum clinic Thomas Lang appears in. Its amazing... it really gets interesting around 3:30 into the clip...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuition paid in ONE DOLLAR bills...

This guy is crafty. He paid his entire tuition for a semester of school in ONE DOLLAR BILLS! The report says the bag he used weighed about 30 pounds when it was finally full of ones. Apparently, he's trying to make a point about the ridiculous cost of the ever-rising student tuition. He's doing a good job... everyone should see this.

here's the link:

Holyfield still fighting?

I heard a local radio spot today advertising some big entertainment night in Orlando. Apparently, Evander Holyfield will be fighting. This is amazing... it seems like a decade ago when he got his ear bit off by Mike Tyson, and even back then Holyfield was an old draw.

Monday, January 17, 2011

3rd grader "hit it hard a lot"

Speaking after getting caught smoking pot in his elementary school's bathroom, the 3rd grader says this when asked how many times he's smoked pot, "hit it hard a lot". So, he hits it hard a lot... someone's parents are going to have to answer some questions I'm afraid. And those parents are definitely not hitting the kid enough... the generation of parents today were the last one to be spanked I think. Therein lies the problem...

Here's the story:

biggest yacht in the world...

The biggest yacht in the world is in the works now - while the rest of the world is in a depression. So, apparently this giant yacht, the world's most expensive and large, is being designed and will soon become a reality... only for $1 billion.

Good Lord, what has this world come to? It will be home to 16 people and 70 servants... or 70 wait staff... whichever politically correct term you'd like to use.

Here's the link: