Saturday, August 2, 2008

Obama the liberal oil driller...

I love Barack's promise of change but somehow I don't believe it - or - should I say, its sounds too good to be true. Apparently, there's a bunch of people who look to this man as the savior. Who will keep us all safe.

Anyway, this is an article today that mentions casually that as part of a compromise, Barack is going to allow drilling for oil here in the US. There's no real reason for this however, because most people don't know that it takes over 10 years from the point of drilling to the point of refining. Therefore, the price of gas won't go down at all for some time - if it ever would.

Blah blah. Obama do this. McCain do that. Neither will do anything but give money and favors for the powerful.

Friday, August 1, 2008

the Rat People...

The Rat People of Pakistan
There are rat people in Pakistan. Apparently, they are called microcephalics... unfortunates of a genetic mutation, the people are revered by those who visit local shrines praying to be fertile.

Weird? Yes.

Another country though. Another subject viewed weird to us in the first world, another judging by us of others who are unfortunate. Here's the link for the article:

But America has its own 'rat people', namely those in power currently who have conspired against our country to create false flag terror events over seas to instigate war. This falls in line with the Gulf of Tonkin incident and could even to have been committed at Pearl Harbor.

Anyway, our leaders are like cornered rats now. Dennis Kucinich is out there appealing to the House of Representative to impeach our clueless leader. A lawyer, Vincent Bugliosi (who prosecuted Charles Manson) is throwing his weight against the impeachment process as well. Read about it if you can, search for him on Google. He's a smart guy, and is bringing our leader to blame in court.

We shall see. This is all very good. We need to keep the rats cornered and stay atop the ever growing information war...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sprint sucks...

Well, I've given Sprint over 6 thousand of my dollars over the past 5 or so years. It seems that now, escaping the snare of the big corporate cell contracts may be a bit easier. A California judge today ruled that contracts are illegal and cannot bind customers to their respective carriers. This is definitely good news.

So, this is very good news. I'm about to get out of my contract with Sprint - its been a long two years. My girlfriend just recently signed up again with AT&T, which by the way is a much better company. I'm going to be added to her plan... on an extra phone she has. I don't even use my cell that much anymore. They cause cancer like everything else. Anyway, that's it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Because OBAMA is here!
Yeah. I like that. If only I knew Obama weren't slighted to one side or another because he's politically compromised. We've heard good and bad about all the political candidates but I just think that the corporate, rich, and white leaders will not allow for Obama to be president - even if he is only half black. Some of the reason is because of the old-school thought on race, the other is because I think the 'left' tide that would be against war would completely illuminate the puppet master behind the scenes. The world powers still need a boogey-man like Bush. Who better to shake a fist at than 'old whitey' in the WHITE HOUSE?

Here's Ludacris' new song/video.
Listen to the lyrics.

After listening to a convincing radio show yesterday, I'd have to say now that Mc'Pain' is going to be our next president. Chosen by the barons of Big Oil themselves.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Russia, oil and simplicity..

No pictures today. Mark this, my words as repeated concerning a radio show I heard today, the twenty ninth day of July, 2008. The guest, a man who worked in the oil fields in Alaska up to the position of director, mentioned today that he has been warned about what he can and can't say - or else.

Apparently the world oil barons let info come in and out, ebb and flow, but there are other times when they put their foot down on some of their old friends and loyal employees. Today's discussion was interesting because the gentleman claimed that there would be a sharp drop in price in oil over the next couple months. The reason would be because the oil fields in Russia and Indonesia are going to be open for business at that time.

No more Arab stranglehold on oil. This will be a move by Big Oil to take down the Arab nations and turn that power over to Russia and other countries who are currently coming into second with the US. And currently, the world's reserve currency is the dollar - if this oil production move happens, that will change and the US dollar will be worth much less than it is now - which currently is trading $1.57 to the euro.

Who knows what will happen, but I'm betting that this price drop and flood of oil to the market is coming. It makes sense... and the ongoing attack of the world corporate order will continue until the US is a second or third world country. Its coming... we can see it, America is being sold off piece by piece. Its sad but its something that's been happening for a long time now.

This process is kind of like using credit cards... for a while, everything's fine but after time, as the balance reaches the limit, things get sketchy. That's what's happening to America now. No one wants to work. Everyone wants to be an instant millionaire. That's not going to happen, and those who depend on corporations will soon be sadly disappointed.

Back to the old way of life. Horse and plow, growing our own food, appreciating the sunrise and sunset. Back to the basics. Simplicity is amazing... and very satisfying - to me anyway.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


There was a time, long ago, when I was just a lad watching this vixen stalk the stage in lingerie... simultaneously, she sang about being 'like a virgin'. Well, not anymore folks. Not anymore.

We all have our good and bad moments but this is just getting gross. Like Michael Jackson, Madonna seems to be shriveling up and bulking up, is she trying to be like the opposite sex? There's nothing really left that's feminine about her. But this isn't really important.

There's tons of news coming out. Tomorrow will be a good news day.