Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Because OBAMA is here!
Yeah. I like that. If only I knew Obama weren't slighted to one side or another because he's politically compromised. We've heard good and bad about all the political candidates but I just think that the corporate, rich, and white leaders will not allow for Obama to be president - even if he is only half black. Some of the reason is because of the old-school thought on race, the other is because I think the 'left' tide that would be against war would completely illuminate the puppet master behind the scenes. The world powers still need a boogey-man like Bush. Who better to shake a fist at than 'old whitey' in the WHITE HOUSE?

Here's Ludacris' new song/video.
Listen to the lyrics.

After listening to a convincing radio show yesterday, I'd have to say now that Mc'Pain' is going to be our next president. Chosen by the barons of Big Oil themselves.

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