Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libya strike... war no. 3

War Number 3. The US economy must not be doing that good because this is the third war in 10 years... Three different skirmishes for the US (and its coalition) at the same time, that's completely insane. This is all coming from the leader of the 'free' world instituting this wacky plan because of Gadhafi and his evil 'bullying'. What, do they think we're nuts???

So, I'm hoping that we - the people - are going to be able to elect a candidate for president that will actually bring in the HOPE and CHANGE that the current fearless leader promised about 3 years ago. I've seen no changes... and in fact, have only seen the addition of bankers and lobbyists to the cabinet and leading public positions - this all when the leader promised that this would never happened before being elected. Horrible.

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