Sunday, March 6, 2011

Florida DOT, Racial Profiling and Huge Profits...

If anyone has ever had to travel the innards of Florida and drive north, they've probably been on the Florida Turnpike. The northern stretch of the road cuts through a beautiful piece of Florida countryside, full of rolling hills and such... but there is a dark side to the drive. Every 50 miles or so, the ride is broken up by a toll. Yes, a toll to get on the Turnpike, a toll to exit, a toll in the middle of nowhere and so forth.

To get the tolls, there must be toll takers - people who are willing to stand there all day and harass travelers for money. Well, I know I've personally given thousands to these people over the years. Now I feel duped after reading this article. Seems that the FDOT has made a fortune with their relatively new program of 'detaining' people who pay with larger bills. This is all part of the system to bring in a digital currency. This is an interesting story, a good read and news video to check out when one has time.

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