Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The BODY scan with Jesse Ventura

So, this morning has the report out that Jesse Ventura is now suing the TSA. Good for him. This is just on the heels of another guy who sued the TSA and took his case to court. That case was about the guy in question not giving his name to TSA authorities... his attorney's argument was simple, that the defendant's name was on the boarding pass.

Jesse Ventura is in a different legal battle. He has a titanium hip apparently, no doubt from years of wrestling, not from his stint as governor. But his problem is actually capitalizing on an entire series of intrusive searches on all air travelers. Its been difficult up to this point to present some sort of argument to the invasive searches and protest to walking through body scanners that are so powerful that they can actually see down to the bones in your fingers.

Click on Jesse's image above, I've linked to a news story about the governor hot off the presses this morning. Good stuff.

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