Sunday, January 23, 2011

Poor Olbermann...

Keith Olbermann is going to be a little less rich in a couple years if he doesn't do some wrangling in the meantime. He's wandered back and forth and then back and forth again with his stances on certain subjects that I pay attention to, so his leaving is inconsequential to me. I see though that his severance package will pay him his salary of $7 million a year to do absolutely nothing... this also happened to Jesse Ventura after he left his governor's position in MN. Now Ventura has his show Conspiracy Theory, will the same happen to Olbermann - only on a liberal level?

Here's the link to an article by TMZ about Olbermann wanting MORE money. I don't understand why some people can't just leave well-enough alone and enjoy their success. Same thing just happened to Regis I think too - the guy was getting paid $18-20 million a year, that too wasn't enough. What's wrong with these people??? If you could weigh their collective egos, I wonder if they'd break a scale?

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