Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Union Speech

Sounds like the State of the Union speech was the opening horn to start the 2012 US Presidential race. Mentioning things in the speech such as 'America still has the largest economy in the world' and other such comments really make things sound better than they are... and oh well, I guess its good to look at things on the bright side. At least he's being positive for America.

However, bowing to foreign leaders and last week allowing a Chinese pianist to play a patriotic Chinese tune at the White House; these aren't such positive things. In fact, I think the pianist thing is really a bad flub. Either that was an oversight on the part of White House staff or a carefully planned and allowed event.

This is what the LA Times reports:
"The song was composed for the film "Battle on Shangganling Mountain" ((an anti-American, Korean War film)). The lyrics, which weren't sung in the piano rendition at the White House, includes the verse: "When the friends come, fine drink is offered. But if the wolves come, what greets them are the hunting rifles."

Why is a song like 'My Motherland' allowed to play at such events... maybe because the Chinese are now in financial control of the world? Maybe???

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