Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Cell Phones While Driving in North Carolina

I just heard via the radio, that drivers in North Carolina may not be able to talk on the cell phone while driving any longer. The NC house has just drafted the bill and its on its way to be passed and will go into effect in December if all goes 'well'. Having lived in North Carolina, I can't help but say that this may not be a bad thing due to the extremely fast driving I've seen there.

Then again, I don't like the over-reach on the half of the gov. Its just one of those things that will pile up over time. Can you imagine what people are going to be 'allowed' to do 20 years from now? Other than walk on a sidewalk, I don't know if anything else will be legal. On a good note though, the US House of Representatives voted against an extension of the 'Patriot Act' in a recent session. No reports yet on how that's going to hold up.

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