Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jared Loughner - Arizona shooter...

Idiot. Weirdo. Nut-job.
Who knows... but this guy has definitely made the top of the news and for his efforts we'll give him three meals a day and a place to sleep for the rest of his life... and medical care and other things. Problem is, all the talking heads out there are using this idiot's actions as a political football. Even though the article says this guy is an atheist, a communist and pro-abortion advocate. The pundits are still trying to picture this nut as a constitutionalist - or conservative. Weird.

Also, isn't it interesting how the news media is giving this guy 3 names, including his middle name - not just his first and last? This whole thing stinks of conspiracy... but we dare not mention it.

Oh well... here's the link to the Washington Post's article:

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