Monday, August 4, 2008

Israeli parents forget daughter at airport

In the interesting article below, it seems parents left one of the brood behind at the airport in their pending vacation excitement. I can't really say that this is a reflection of our society today as this was an obvious mistake, but it does bring into question why people insist on having more than 2 kids. In the rural farming days of our grandparents, having over 4 children per couple was necessary to carry out the tasks on the farm, but now... this just isn't needed. I mean, most people go to McDonald's to eat now.

*this picture has nothing to do with the article below*

Israeli parents forget daughter at airport
Mon Aug 4, 4:38 AM ET

JERUSALEM - Israeli airport police say a couple going on a European vacation remembered to bring their duty-free shopping and their 18 suitcases, but forgot their 3-year-old daughter at the airport.

The couple and their five children were late for a flight to Paris Sunday and made a mad dash to the gate. In the confusion, their daughter got lost. A policeman found her wandering around the terminal, crying for her mother.

Israeli media report Monday that the ultra-Orthodox Jewish parents, whose names were not released, didn't notice the child was missing until they were told, in the air, that she had been found at Ben-Gurion airport.

The child, accompanied by an airline staffer, took the next flight to Paris where she was safely reunited with her parents.

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