Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hot Spot

There's a hot spot in California. No, its not Britney Spears house... or some other movie star that the paparazzi is enamoured with, but a literal hot spot in the ground that is over 800 degrees F and just simply smoking and smoldering. Its weird. Geologists are calling it an anomaly. Weird huh? But then, that's California for ya.

Anyway, there's a lot of weird stuff in the news today. I'm trying to decipher it all. I did hear some good stuff the other day on the reason for prohibition back at the beginning of the 20th century. It all involved a classic battle for control (as usual), amongst some of the giants of the day.

This rival was actually between Rockefeller and Henry Ford. Apparently, the first Ford's were run on alcohol and gas, either way. This was because gas was hard to get out in the country, and if anyone ran out of fuel way out yonder, they could use alcohol - something everyone made - to get home on. Rockefeller owned Standard Oil since the mid 1800's and wanted to have gas be the standard for the automobile.

So, Rockefeller did what any industrial tycoon would do, he supported a lobby by a women's movement for the prohibition of alcohol... afterall, drunk husbands = mad wives... or something like that. with the 4 million dollars he put up, Rockefeller got alcohol, Henry Ford's fuel, thrown out and outlawed, paving the way for oil... and many unhappy and sober husbands.

It should be noted though that alcohol can be used as a fuel still... and we can make our own fuel if we sign the right petition with the government which basically says that we are making alcohol for fuel purposes ONLY. Add a gallon of gas to 100 gallons of white lightnin' and you've got a legal fuel... and a cheap fuel that burns better and will clean the sludge out of your engine (after changing your filters a half dozen times!).

Alcohol is a sun friendly and very renewable resource. Its a shame we can't get on the band wagon to make this happen. I have plans for my family's farm... I might be making my own alcohol for fuel use someday. I'll be a sugar beet grower, or something like that. And the best part is that all cars can run on a half gas, half alcohol mix with no problems. That means half the price of fuel...

Screwing the oil companies out of their monopoly can be fun!

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