Thursday, August 28, 2008

This will be our next president. Like it or not... and all the rhetoric about OBAMA's "Change" and whatnot will someday be a grand tale of "if he had become President, the United States would be a much better place". The record books will show this someday and talk of how McCain - or McCANE as I like to call him - will become an extension of the current idiocracy.

Politics is strange. A very bad business to be in though quite lucrative. I'm anticipating some fireworks soon. I don't know what those fireworks will be but it will be interesting at any rate. The talk goes from impeachment, nuclear war, some crazy domestic terrorism or nasty dirt on one of the current political candidates. I'd say the last of those will happen, but you can imagine if McCain is getting away with being a philanderer and war-monger in league with the secret societies, Obama's closet has to have some crazy skeletons hanging around.

Oh, and the reason I mention my 'McCain will win' statement is that there's been talk by representatives from Big Oil that McCain is their man. That statement was closely followed by Russia will be the next world power as their oil fields will be open for business soon. Pretty interesting revelations that are unfolding as we speak. They also mentioned that the Arab states would return to the Bedouin life, once again riding camels - whatever that meant.

The future will be interesting.

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