Wednesday, September 24, 2008

remember me...

I always get the messages at the top of every login screen I see that asks if I want to be remembered. My login info anyway. It is kind of aggravating because I never use those features.... this mainly because I'm concerned that someday I'll have my computer stolen and all the passwords and info will be gone with the machine. I'm just weird like that.

But then, I will say that the machine I use now has lasted almost 2 years. This is a very good thing... I can now say that HP makes a good machine. It has lots of cool features and has always served me well... though now I hear a rattle around the hard-drive location. Kind of makes me nervous, which is why I'm going to try to sell it eventually.

That's about it for now... oh, the economy... yeah, things are bad.
That sucks. Listen in to Alex Jones' radio show, he'll tell you what to do when the shit hits the fan.

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