Monday, September 15, 2008

not his day...

I was checking in on my myspace page today and found a couple videos that were pretty damn funny. The one's that initially caught my attention involved pranks, and a couple others were 'large inflatable' blunders. This is when you have basically a waterbed mattress, over sized 10 times position in a lake - a person sets on one end - and then someone jumps out of a tree. I swear this one person flew like 35 feet in the air doing about three flips and a couple spins before landing in a belly flop. It looked painful, so I watched it another 3 times.

Then there was this video where some folks were shooting fireworks at each other. A crazy time because one of the guys got one of the roman candle balls in his mouth. Probably burnt his tongue pretty bad, but whatever, it made for good video. Back in my younger days, we used to have bottle rocket wars around the major holidays. It was such a blast. No one ever got their eyes shot out but there were definitely a couple sets of damaged and burnt clothes along the way.

Without further adieu, here's the video...

Hippie vs Fireworks

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