Thursday, February 3, 2011


The SuperBowl is coming... and the commercials with it. All I care about are the commercials. I don't like the game thing really. My competitive nature left me after 10 or 11 years old. Everyone comes upon these milestones in life sooner or later, fortunately for me it came before I hit the teenage years.

However, this mass mania for football - our modern day version of old Rome's gladiator events - means HUGE business. People will be parked outside the stadium this year, being charged $200 a head, just to watch the game from OUTSIDE the stadium. "Moronic", I say to myself, but that's not my reality and I shouldn't judge.

The powers at be love this predictability in human nature. They feed on it, get fat gorging on it. Now, we have rolling power blackouts in Texas of all places, just a couple days before the game. Perfect timing for conditioning people - if you want my opinion. For most though, this is simply an inconvenience and a bit of news that the average taxpayer will just shrug their shoulders to.

When there's talk of having to get our Texans power from Mexico, my ears perk up. That doesn't make sense. But then, neither does the fact that the mass rolling blackouts that have been plaguing Texas for the past couple days haven't ONCE touched the 'Colosseum' where the two teams will be meeting on Sunday. The multi-billion dollar stadium has experienced no power outages at all.

But the hospitals have.
This is where our priorities have shifted (or sunk in the mud).
This is not good.

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