Friday, February 4, 2011

Howard Stern Crushes Leno

I've stumbled across a funny bit on the Letterman show from Howard Stern's recent appearance. Great stuff actually. Every time I hear Stern I think of the Jerky Boys for SOME reason. But in this clip, Stern is classic because he completely upstages Letterman. This is great - because personally - I don't care for Letterman.

I've seen Letterman live. Its not all that and a bag of chips. And if you've ever heard someone say "the set is a lot smaller live than what you see on tv" - they're RIGHT. Its a small stage, just filmed with huge lenses. Its filmed in a high rise after all. The ground floor or whatever, but still, its not that big of a place. And, Dave isn't that funny.

Here's a link to TMZ's link to the Stern appearance. Howard makes this clip... he is the king of all media, but only in short spurts.

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