Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 Branches of Government by Chuckie Schumer

This is great. A sitting Senator in the United States senate apparently doesn't know what the 3 branches of government are. Now one would argue that he just made a mistake, but he clarified the branches he was talking about and then continued to try to prove his point. My question is, does he really think that the House, Senate and the President are the three branches of government or is he just trying to see how far he can get with misinformation? I'm thinking he's no idiot - so I'm going with my second guess.

And... I think if the people up top think they can rewrite history, they would. That's pretty apparent. Evidence of this can already be seen in certain history books claiming that Bush the Second was a 'great' president. I don't know who's giving him props - or why - but clearly if one looks through the videos online of him tripping over his own tongue and often acting like the village idiot, they would quickly think otherwise.

Anyway, here's the video everybody's been posting recently with Schumer's ridiculous statement. Watch in amazement.

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