Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yikes... I saw too many people walking today in our town. If you think things are getting tough out there in the 'economy', look around to see if anyone's walking - unless you live in a big city where walking's a typical mode of transportation. I'm seeing more and more people here on foot.

Used to be in our town, there were only a few people walking -

  • the guy that carries a football helmet and wears the heavy down jacket in the middle of the summer
  • the black dude with the beard and weird walk that yells at himself constantly
  • a family of special people who ride the bus and seem to get off at every stop

One time, I was riding my beach cruiser for fun and was stopped by some people who I hadn't seen in a long time. Turns out they thought I had gotten a DUI or something... they couldn't figure out why I would be riding a bike otherwise. Riding bikes was one of the best things about living in a college town. Gainesville had a such a good vibe for bike riders... it always felt natural to ride a bike there...

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