Monday, March 23, 2009

four winds...

This evening is coming around... the sun is setting and I've been listening to a Lynyrd Skynyrd playlist on Seeqpod. If you've never heard of Seeqpod, here it is:

I've been using Seeqpod for almost a year now and still love it. When the company / website started out I thought is was too good to be true - to be free - to be... well, just to be. Even with the expected commercial turn I knew the site would take, I'm still very comfortable with the site. True, they do have little 'buy ringtone' buttons here and there, but its still a great site.

Basically all you do is go to the site, sign up, and start searching for music right away. The cool thing is that Seeqpod searches the internet for random servers that have music listings... and the site also seems to rely on audiophiles that have uploaded their collection of MP3's to the internet (all backups of their cd, tape or record duplications) - I say that for legal reasons.

I mean, the site is great. Did I say that already? But seriously, this is the way things are going. Its just amazing. For instance, a while back after watching the Big Lebowski for the 1000th time, I looked up the soundtrack on to see who the artists were and found Townes Van Zandt to be singing the cover of the Rolling Stones "Dead Roses". So I check out to see if any of Townes music was on Seeqpod.

Bingo! Lots of it.

So, now I'm a big Townes and Steve Earl fan (Mr. Earl by proxy to finding TVZ). Its been a great experience. And yet, I am by no means an expert at using the internet and all things new in technology... but little things like free and easily searchable music as just the coolest thing.

Here's a playlist I'm currently listening to:

SeeqPod - Playable Search

That's about it for now.

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