Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the long wait...

The long wait indeed... today is the first time I've actually thought about updating the blog here in months. This happened for two reasons. First, Xmas is a time when my business is simply very busy. Second, business slows way down after Xmas. Thus, I have time to be creative, market, blog and such. So, here it is... the newest of the new... from me to you. Whoever you are.

Anyway, I've been working on my new selling template for the Ebay store for Massive Ink. You can find it by going here:

I haven't added a bunch of new products with the new template yet so it will all look much the same as it did. But when I get another couple more days behind the computer, the new designs will be hitting. I like them... some are simple - for simple people. Some are more artistic. I like both styles. Being an artist, my favor would lean toward the artistic side.

I've noticed too that the shirts that have been selling more lately are the second amendment, anti-obuma, and those types. I guess this goes with the current problems were all seeing in Washington and the coming depression. Since I live in Florida, I can tell you that we're either in a depression now or either its a severe, severe recession. Florida's housing market has been hit the hardest I think - besides California and Nevada. The bad economy hits us first.

But all is not lost... and we'll all live through this... unless the poles shift. Then we're all screwed. For an idea on what that's like, check out the movie by Art Bell and Whitley Steiber caller 'The Day After Tomorrow'. Pretty spooky. The tornadoes in downtown Los Angeles were a nice touch ;)

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