Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lady GaGa Arrives In An Egg...

The Grammy's... an event - a spectacle - where EVERYONE seems to care about what people look like and what people wear, who they're with. Its an amazing process for someone like me who doesn't have cable. The vision of an ant farm keeps coming to me, you know, when you're a kid staring at all the ants going to and fro. Its amazing.

And so are The Grammy Awards. But this year, with everyone trying to upstage each other, one guest outdid everyone. She's Lady GaGa. She's being carried in on the shoulders of muscular models and toned ladies in some sort of weird take on an Egyptian thing. Does anyone think that there may be a hidden statement about Egypt in here? I'm guessing not - no one can get over the giant egg being carried by faux slaves with some ultra-weird rock star inside.

Only in Hollywood.

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