Friday, September 11, 2009

new new...

Big Cartel. They're a great outfit that provides an easy enough experience for those wanting to set up an easy e-commerce site. But as it stands, I haven't been able to post lots of my stuff on there yet. Check it out when you get a chance. The address is:

I finally got some business cards printed up. The company who printed them is Overnight Prints. ( They look good. I'm happy with them, and the weight is nice... not flimsy like you'd expect for the price.

The first side is obviously my printing and retail apparel business - the subject of this blog. The reverse side is my old website that details more or less my digital portfolio and random websites I've built over the years. I'm an artist first, then an archivist so if there are broken links and such on its because I don't keep it updated well.

All else is good. I have several new designs coming out that I really like. I've just got to remember to update the blog here. Its almost been 2 months since anything new has been posted here. More later!

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